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Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise - Ruth Reichl I really enjoy food writing - probably because I really enjoy food. (That was one of the best parts of my recent trip back to Tennessee, which needs to be another post.) I've read Ruth Reichl before and really enjoy her - despite the fact that much of the food she writes about, and the restaurants she reviewed in various guises during her years as restaurant critic for the New York Times, are pretty highbrow, she doesn't come across as that sort of person at all. She shares enough of her life with the reader that she seems like someone you'd really want to sit down and share a meal with. I also find her writing and descriptions of food itself rather inspirational - it makes me feel like getting into the kitchen and creating something, or at least heading out to find a really good place to eat. This is a fairly quick and enjoyable read, spiced with the inclusion of several actual NYT restaurant reviews and some of Reichl's own recipes (including one for spaghetti carbonara that's not too different from one I use myself).