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One Good Turn - Kate Atkinson Comments: I really enjoyed Kate Atkinson's last book, Case Histories, which was the first to feature police detective Jackson Brodie. I couldn't put it down, I liked how she brought all the threads together, and I looked forward to reading her again.

The events in One Good Turn take place over just a few days, against the backdrop of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Jackson is no longer a police detective; he has inherited a large sum of money and retired to France, but maintains a commuter relationship with Julia, the rather flaky actress he met up with during the investigation in Case Histories. The two of them are in Edinburgh because Julia is in a play at the Festival, but since that's keeping her busy most of the time, Jackson is on his own when he witnesses a road-rage incident, and again when he discovers a drowned woman's body (which disappears by the time the police arrive). In fact, Jackson has an alarming tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Atkinson introduces numerous characters and plot threads in the first few chapters, and does a great job bringing them together. I'm actually pretty patient with that sort of thing; I trust that the author knows what she's doing, that all of these things are somehow connected and relevant (or else they wouldn't be in the story in the first place), and that eventually I'll see how it all fits. I didn't find this book as hard to put down as Case Histories, but I think that was at least partly a function of the fact that I read that before my blogging days; I take longer to read most books now. When I was reading it, I was never bored. One thing about Atkinson's style that appeals to me is her sly, snarky humor, which is generously deployed throughout the book; this is a murder/conspiracy/suspense story, not a comedy, but I found myself snickering quite often while reading it.

I didn't enjoy this quite as much as I did Case Histories, but it was definitely worth reading, and I'm looking forward to Kate Atkinson's next book.