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So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading - Sara Nelson Sara Nelson sets herself the task of reading a book a week every week for one year, and keeping a journal of her reading during the period. (This was back in the pre-blogging days of 2002.) She starts out with a plan and a reading list, but quickly finds that circumstances can send her reading choices in completely different directions. By the end of the year, she's done a lot of reading, but not quite in the way she expected to. She's read many unplanned books, and not read quite a few of the ones on her original list, particularly the books in the poetry and nonfiction categories; she had good intentions of expanding her reading horizons during the year, but fiction is her first literary love and just calls to her more often, particularly as she trolls her bookshelves at 3 AM, looking for her next victim.

While there's plenty of discussion of particular books here, and you may come away with your own list of books you want to read, this is a memoir much more than a recommended-reading guide. It very much reflects Sara's personal experiences with the books she read that year, in addition to some of her other personal experiences during the time. Her tastes in reading are informed but unpretentious - no literary snobbery here - and her discussions of the books she loved, the books she didn't like, and the books she didn't finish are accessible and often insightful.

Sara Nelson's eager approach to reading, and her love for it, come through clearly. I liked her voice, and the way she relates to books and reading comes across very much like mine. When she talked about books that I've also read, I found myself wanting to discuss them with her, or at least be able to leave her a comment - this is what blogging does to a person! In any case, I genuinely enjoyed this book, and it's helped to stoke my own enthusiasm for reading.