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Characters in Search of a Novel - Molly D. Campbell Amazon.com review:

The most remarkable thing about Molly Campbell's CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF A NOVEL is that quite a few of these characters may not need one; in just a few hundred words, she's given them complete stories. The fact that each of these stories has a unique and distinctive voice is also remarkable. These characters were born out the author's fascination with odd names and first introduced themselves through her Twitter account (@mollydcampbell), but she's really brought them to life here.

Molly is a two-time Erma Bombeck Award winner, so the reader would expect to find humor in her stories--and it's there, but many of them also have an unexpected poignancy and hint at unexplored facets to their characters. Those are the ones that I most hope will find their novels.

CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF A NOVEL can be a quick cover-to-cover read, but may be best enjoyed a few stories at a time, savored. It provides some wonderful examples of the art of character creation--but more importantly, Molly Campbell has created characters you'll want to know.