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The art of racing in the rain - Garth Stein The story of ten years in the life of Denny Swift and his family is told here by the witness to much of it, the canine philosopher Enzo. Enzo is a fine and thoughtful observer, and is highly motivated to understand humans; ever since he learned from a documentary about Mongolia that a well-prepared dog will come back in his next lifetime as a human, he's been making sure he'll be ready. He's looking forward to that next life, since he's frequently frustrated by the limitations of life as a dog, particularly the lack of speech and opposable thumbs.

That documentary is his favorite TV show of all time, but Enzo has learned a lot from TV, including how the court system works (thanks to the various Law & Order series), and even has an ordered list of favorite actors (#1: Steve McQueen; #2: Al Pacino, #3: Paul Newman; etc.). However, his favorite things to watch are auto races, especially the tapes of races driven by his master, Denny. Denny is a semi-pro racing driver and part-time instructor, who pays the bills with a job at a car dealership. His devotion to cars and racing is matched by his devotion to his family - wife Eve, daughter Zoƫ, and, of course, Enzo, who was there first.

Enzo witnesses a lot during his years with Denny - marriage, childbirth, death, legal troubles - but most of his days are spent hanging out at home, often watching TV, and his day-to-day life is pretty routine. But he's taking note of things for that next life, and from what he's seen and heard, he's gotten pretty good at envisioning what happens when he's not actually around for it.

Enzo is a wonderful character, and one of the most memorable I've met lately. I love the language that author Garth Stein uses for him; it's simple and at times oddly formal, and seems much like the way someone speaks in his non-native tongue, which is strangely appropriate - after all, our narrator doesn't naturally have human speech. And while he doesn't always revel in his canine nature - at times, he's almost a little self-loathing - Stein has portrayed that nature quite well, based on my own experience as a human observer of canines.

One thing I've noticed from my own observation is that many dogs are obsessed with cars. ("Ride in the car?" is a question that always got my dog's immediate attention.) Since Enzo lives with a race-car driver, he's more obsessed than most. I liked the descriptions of racing and driving throughout the book, both as metaphors and from a technical standpoint. I consider myself an average driver and, to me, cars are transportation, but I'm married to a "car nerd" who subscribes to car magazines and takes cars and driving very seriously, so I've learned to appreciate that perspective.

I loved Enzo, but I liked The Art of Racing in the Rain. I wanted to love it, and I thought it was an engaging story and a fast read (appropriate, given the racing theme), but I found it a bit predictable and at times melodramatic, so it wasn't entirely satisfying for me. Overall, though, it's still very enjoyable, and anyone who loves dogs - regardless of how they feel about cars - really should get to know Enzo. (And thanks to my car-loving husband, I knew that our hero is named after a Ferrari.)