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Here I Go Again - Jen Lancaster There are two kinds of people--those who couldn’t wait for life after high school, and those whose lives peaked in high school. Melissa Belle “Lissy” Ryder is the second kind, but she hasn’t spent the last twenty years pining for her glory days; rather, she’s been living them as if she were still in their midst...despite all contrary evidence, which includes losing her job, her home, and her husband. But she’s in for a rude awakening at her high-school reunion, as one classmate after another confronts her with her own rudeness at the time. The next morning, she’s offered an unusual opportunity to make things right...which leads to other things going shockingly wrong.

After becoming one of the early blog-to-book successes with Bitter is the New Black, first in a series of humorous memoirs, Jen Lancaster made her fiction debut two years ago with If You Were Here. In Here I Go Again--the resemblance to the title of a Whitesnake song is thoroughly intentional--she mixes the snarky humor and knowing pop-culture references that have marked her earlier writing with authentic-sounding dialogue, a dash of fantasy and magical realism, and an unexpected amount of heart.

This is a story about second (and third) chances, karma, and consequences. It’s a story that illustrates that it’s never too late to develop self-awareness, and that sometimes it takes a long time to become a grown-up and stop becoming your mother. I’m pretty sure it’s intended on Lancaster’s part that Lissy starts out as a caricature--Here I Go Again follows her journey to become something more.

More: http://www.3rsblog.com/2013/01/blogher-book-club-here-i-go-again-by-jen-lancaster.html