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The Astronaut Wives Club - Lily Koppel Koppel may be more interested in exploring the bonds between the wives, and the conditions that forged them, than in deep biographical details about the individual women themselves. I found that a bit frustrating at times, but it’s a good approach, because there are just so many women that equal, even treatment of each of them probably would have been less satisfying overall; the book would have either been too sketchy or too unwieldy. The Mercury Seven wives are prominent throughout the book, but as NASA expands into the Gemini and Apollo missions on its progress to the moon, the cast expands too; nine new astronauts (and wives) are brought in for Gemini, fourteen more are added for the early stages of Apollo, and so on. The program becomes more crowded and chaotic, and the later arrivals don’t get much individual attention in the book--but as these things go, they probably got less attention from the public at the time, too (especially after the moon was finally reached), so this treatment’s probably not out of place. The increasing sense of chaos mirrors that of the decade itself, and the book does a good job of connecting the personal stories to the larger societal one without turning its subjects into symbols--the personal stories don’t get lost.

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