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Sisterland - Curtis Sittenfeld The "psychic twins" angle is a great hook into Curtis Sittenfeld's fourth novel, Sisterland--but it's a hook that might lead readers to expect something very different from what the novel turns out to be. The central plot thread--one of the psychic twins has predicted an earthquake for their hometown of St. Louis on October 16, 2009--adds tension and suspense, but while the storyline takes some surprising twists and turns, this isn't a thriller, either. Therefore, I think a reader coming to Sisterland expecting paranormal activity--or seismic activity, for that matter--might well be disappointed. What that reader will find is a novel about two sisters...and their father, and the husband and children of one, friends of them both, and how life fractures and reshapes itself in ways not unlike what earthquakes due to the landscape.

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