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Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll - 'Ann Wilson',  'Nancy Wilson',  'Charles R. Cross' There have been nearly 30 members of Heart over the band’s history, but the constants--and its public face--have always been the Wilson sisters, so it’s a bit surprising to learn that it wasn’t originally their band. Ann--the middle child of three girls, four years older than Nancy--started the group with a few male musicians she’d played with in their hometown of Seattle, after they’d all ended up in Vancouver; after years of pleading from her sister, Nancy eventually dropped out of college and moved north to join them. The sisters were used to wandering and to relying on one another, having grown up in a Marine Corps family and moving often until their father retired. That may have been good preparation for the constant touring that building a career in rock and roll demanded, and having each other’s backs in settings where they were often the only women (not counting the groupies) helped too. And while having the women out front--Ann singing, Nancy on guitar--didn’t hurt in attracting attention, the Wilsons truly saw Heart as a group effort, with their sister act linked to the Fisher brothers; guitarist Roger was another of the the founding members from Seattle, while his brother Michael was the band’s behind-the-scenes leader. For nearly a decade, Michael was also Ann’s boyfriend (and songwriting muse, the inspiration for “Magic Man” and “Crazy on You”), and for a time, Roger was Nancy’s. When these couplings crumbled, the band’s future grew cloudy, but the sisters still had each other. With new cohorts, they forged ahead and changed with the times, if sometimes reluctantly...but the music kept on going.

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