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I Don't Know: In Praise of Admitting Ignorance (Except When You Shouldn't) - Leah Hager Cohen In a culture that seems to be more and more in search of a sense of certainty and definitive, black-and-white answers, Leah Hager Cohen’s I don't know: In Praise of Admitting Ignorance (Except When You Shouldn't) bravely presents another perspective. It’s a difficult work to describe. It makes use of existing research, but isn’t particularly scholarly; it’s an extremely long essay, but a pretty short book; it’s a quick read, but a sticky one, simple in appearance but deeply thought-provoking. It has the potential to open minds and discussions, and it deserves to find an audience open to both.

MORE: http://www.3rsblog.com/2013/09/book-talk-i-dont-know-leah-hager-cohen.html