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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I appreciated so many of the things Rowell gets right with this novel. Although I’m a little uncertain of the chronological accuracy of some of the details, the mid-1980s timeframe is effectively established, and Eleanor and Park’s lower-middle-class neighborhood is rendered as a real place, populated by real people. It’s the reality that’s the most striking thing--this pre-Internet, before-cell-phones teen romance feels timeless because Rowell’s characters are emotionally authentic and honestly human, imperfections and all. It frustrated me when Eleanor’s insecurities overwhelmed her and got in the way of her being wholly herself with Park, and when Park seemed to be interacting with his image of Eleanor and not the real girl, but it was frustrating because it was what people really do--especially when they’re sixteen-year-old people who are still learning who they are.

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